Satsang Celebration in Providence

“Everyone has the same longing to come home, to be one with all of life. This longing drives us to gather in search of the mystical, the spiritual, the natural, the unexplainable... to find that essence that completes us, gives us that sense of awe and wonder, that allows us to see that life is so much more than that which is is visible on the surface.”

In this time where crazy madness, work overload,
daily stress and anxiety can seem to be the accepted norm...
There is an alternative... an oasis of rejuvenation is available...

Welcome to Satsang Celebration
Anugraha & Anurag

These gatherings are an invitation to go beyond the daily stress & anxiety, to stop and experience the silence of your heart and live the Life that you are meant to live in all its aliveness and beauty.

Each meeting will begin with a different meditation or exercise, ranging from dance and movement, to gibberish and silent sitting.

We will experiment with techniques such as Zen Koans, Stopping & Looking, writing and more, that can be used in daily life. There will be sharing, exchange of questions and answers.

November 5th, 12th, 19th
December 3rd, 10th, 17th

$ 50.00 if paid in advance, $ 13.00 drop in
First evening is free

6-8pm please arrive 15min early as we start promptly at 6pm

Providence Healing Arts Center
60 Georgia Ave, Providence RI
(401) 751 2050 (center) - Get Directions

Entrance is at the side of the building, through the gate on Tenessee Ave. Follow signs.

To register and for more information call
Anurag at (401) 575 3100