What is Satsang

Satsang Meeting in India

Satsang is stepping aside from the ego and allowing the divine, the possibility to pass through and truth to be expressed. The authority to share Satsang only comes from this profound total awakening with the experience of integration.

Satsang is seeing and responding to what is seen, without holding anything back, as well as not adding anything extra. Satsang is from source, not from knowledge or logic, not from theory or dogma, not from any class anyone has ever offered. It is a direct tapping into divine knowing, consciousness, love itself.

Satsang is the cutting away of the infection of deception and supporting the health and wholeness of each individual. Sharing Satsang is for us to reflect the other and to point out their highest potential.

Satsang supports only those qualities that are life, love and truth supportive.